Polar Fleece Blanket


Leading Polar Fleece Blanket Suppliers

As one of your superior polar fleece blanket suppliers, we are able to design products in huge quantities because of our best infrastructure. In addition, we have a team of knowledgeable employees who support us and help us meet our clients’ extensive needs. We export our goods to different cities, nations, and countries.

Properties You Must Know

  • This thin throw is flexible, tight, and toasty and has a very soft, silky touch because it is made of 100% premium acrylic. The fabric has good light fastness and is sun-resistant; it does not shed or wrinkle. 50 x 60 in.; single-sided print. We are the best among other top-notch polar fleece blanket suppliers. 
  • Perfect for this soft throw blanket is perfect for utilizing an extra layer while taking a nap, watching a movie, or curling up while reading a book on the couch. or in an air-conditioned office. As one of your leading polar fleece blanket suppliers, you can use it when traveling or camping.
  • Domestic decoration The lovely tassels on the blanket provide texture to your home. Your living room or bedroom will feel stylish if you drape it over a bed, couch, or chair. The neutral shade will complement your decor and other furniture effectively.
  • [Simple Care] separate cold water washes in the washing machine’s mid-cycle. Dry flat or in a low-temperature tumbler. Do not hang to dry or iron.
  • [Promise of 100% Customer Satisfaction] We guarantee you the quality and service from our side as one of the polar fleece blanket suppliers. Contacting our customer service is simple. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions so that we can quickly resolve the issue. If the issue couldn’t be resolved, we would issue a refund. We owe it to our customers to be happy.