Full Drawn Yarn


Smooth Full Drawn Yarn(FDY yarn) Manufacturer

Zhejiang Hangzhan Textile Co., Ltd is a high-shrink Full Drawn Yarn(FDY yarn) manufacturer in China. FDY threads are utilized with various types of shrinkage in different areas of the textile industry. For instance, cloth and curtain fabrics made with high-shrinkage FDY threads have a blossoming structure on their surface. F.D.Y. threads with little shrinkage are extensively used in the raschel blanket industry. These yarns are used in multiple yarns, direct twisting, beaming, and direct knitting. FDY threads are frequently used to make smooth textiles.

As your Full Drawn Yarn(FDY yarn) manufacturer, we can tell Polyester Fully Drawn Yarn in Polyester is referred to as FDY. It is generally used in fabrics for apparel, Terry towels, denim, and other items like home decor and furniture.

Process of Fully Drawn Yarn

The process for creating Fully Drawn Yarn (FDY) is the same as the one used to create POY, with the exception that the yarn is produced at faster spinning speeds with integrated intermediate drawing. As a fleece fabric and Full Drawn Yarn(FDY yarn) manufacturer, we can tell through crystallization and orientation, this permits stabilization.

Choose us as Your Full Drawn Yarn(FDY yarn) manufacturer for these benefits:

  • FDY yarns can be combined and used for direct twisting, warping, and weaving.
  • The heavier package results in a lower waste rate and increased efficiency in subsequent processes.
  • These yarns can be spun into the fabric to create a fabric-like feel and drape. Manufactured exclusively from pure silk, resulting in an excellent product.
  • These yarns reduce the cost of products for light and medium-weight fabrics by doing away with the draw-twisting and sizing procedures.
  • The craft winder’s outstanding package quality results in good efficiency and a low breakage rate in warping.