Fleece Fabric



Beautiful Fleece Fabric Suppliers in China

We are one of the esteemed fleece fabric suppliers and fleece fabric manufacturers in China with more than a decade of production experience. The facility occupies a space of thousand square meters and employs more than a large number of people. We have an extensive selection of printing, dyeing, and finishing tools. Flannel fleece, Coral fleece, Faux Fur, Polar fleece, Sherpa, Glow in the Dark, PV Plush, Minky, and more types of fleece are available. 

In our neighborhood, there are abundant resources and accessible transportation. Our company offers a wide variety of goods, focusing on warp and weft knitting items. Including sherpa fleece, coral fleece, flannel fleece, plush, PV velvet, etc. And other recently produced textiles can go through intricate processes like digital printing and embossing.

Being among the leading fleece fabric suppliers and fleece fabric manufacturers, we offer fleece materials that we craft with the highest standards and care for top-notch knitting machines. It comes in a range of patterns and textures. Quality checks and controls are given special consideration at every stage of the product’s manufacturing and lifecycle. You can change these to accommodate various textures, GSMs, and colors. 

Elegant Pattern Fleece Fabric Manufacturers

We use the highest-quality textiles in the stitching of this line of products, which is completely in compliance with the industry’s established norms and quality requirements. The products in our selection feature a refined appearance, an attractive design, an elegant pattern, a beautiful polish, comfort during use, and lightweight, among other qualities. As one of your fleece fabric suppliers and fleece fabric manufacturers, we also offer many different color options for these. The successful speedy fabrication and delivery led to the creation of our composite unit. 

Additionally, we have weaving and stitching manufacturing facilities that can meet a variety of requests for high-quality products made in accordance with specifications. Due to our strict adherence to international standards, we have also experienced wonderful growth over the past years. Being among other well-known fleece fabric suppliers and fleece fabric manufacturers, carving out a special niche for ourselves in this fiercely competitive market.