Draw Textured Yarn


Leading Draw Textured Yarn (DTY yarn) Suppliers

Our Draw Textured Yarn is made by simultaneously twisting and drawing polyester partially oriented yarn (POY) (PDTY). Polyester DTY yarn has a wide range of applications in both the apparel and non-apparel industries, from seat covers and home furnishings to woven and knitted clothing items. We are one of the well-known Draw Textured Yarn (DTY yarn) suppliers in town.

We are a business that combines the manufacture of home textiles with knitting, dying, brushing, and other processes located in the province of Zhejiang. Additionally, we produce finished products including fleece production sets, coral fleece blankets, flannel fleece blankets, and sherpa blankets. Our company has the best Draw Textured Yarn (DTY yarn) suppliers.

We, as one of the leading Draw Textured Yarn (DTY yarn) suppliers, produce a great variety by adjusting the degree of twisting and drawing in line. With the needs and particular requirements of our customers using state-of-the-art machinery and high-speed draw texturing technology. We are able to make DTY yarn in a range of lusters, from Semi Dull to Dope Dyed Black, for our weavers and other producers. Our customers are our priority for us all products such as Full Drawn Yarn.

Features You Must Know

  • The technique uses high-grade anti-static lubrication fluids and the most recent high-speed draw texturizing technology to guarantee consistency and better dying quality.
  • Less waste due to packages with uniform running lengths and great unwinding performance for knitting and warping operations.
  • As one of the Draw Textured Yarn (DTY yarn) suppliers, we offer excellent color consistency.
  • Regular and high-quality blending, is essential for success, especially for downstream weaving applications.
  • Yarns are used in warps.
  • Wide denier range, flexible response to the needs of the textile markets.
  • High durability, anti-pilling, and soft cottony feeling
  • Can be produced in many colors using standard dyeing methods or doped dyeing technologies.